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Последние комментарии. Perhaps, the discoveries made in the field of transportation in the 20th century were the most important. Это полезно и доступно для большинства людей. Сравнение 8 школ английского по скайпу, год! Популярные статьи. And everyone can have his own opinion.

  • И это очень раздражает, когда таксист не знает, как добраться до нужного вам места.
  • I often face funny occasions with old people.
  • Perhaps, the oldest type of transport is the water one.
  • Железнодорожный транспорт появился гораздо позже, если быть точным почти лет назад.

This kind of transport is one of the oldest. It is usual for old people or teenagers. For old people it is cheap and comfortable. For teenagers a bus helps to get at school.

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As for me, I like getting to school by bus. There are always good and quiet drivers on my route. I often face funny occasions with old people.

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I always help them. So you can see that there is a kind atmosphere in a bus. Another kind of transport is a taxi. It эссе на тему транспорт rather an expensive transport. It is a good idea if you need to go a big distance. I do not like this kind of transport. Taxi drivers are always angry and unpleasant people, or, at least, I have met such. Taxies are often old and dirty with an unpleasant smell.

And it is very annoying when a taxi driver does not know the way you need.

You have to explain it to him. It is a well known fact that ecology plays a great role in modern life. Cars pollute a lot. In such situation cycling is the best alternative. Cycling is absolutely ecological kind of transport. Life in a big city makes people be depended on transport, especially if they live in the countryside.

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Sometimes people have to change two or more transportation means metro, suburban train, bus, share taxi, tramway, etc. The choice of the transport facilities depends on many factors: a financial ability, the distance between workplace and home place, time, comfort and other things.


Most people prefer to get a car, because today it helps to be a little more independent from public transport. Мы привыкли ежедневно пользоваться различными видами транспорта, чтобы добраться из одного места в другое: трамваи, автомобили, автобусы, самолеты, метро и другие транспортные средства. В эссе на тему транспорт прошлом, чтобы добраться до места назначения людям приходилось идти из одного города в другой в течение нескольких недель и даже месяцев, потому что они пользовались лошадьми, лодками или своими собственными ногами для того чтобы путешествовать.

В наше время все изменилось, и люди пересекают страну или океан за несколько часов. Modern railroad was introduced in the 19th century England. Aviation had several forms throughout the history.

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If we speak about the kites, they appeared in ancient China around before BC. Then, there were the hot air balloons invented in the 18th century.

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The first aircraft flight was made by the Wright brothers at the very beginning of the 20th century. Perhaps, the discoveries made in the field of transportation in the 20th century were the most important.

Thus, in the first human spaceflight was launched.

Смотреть видео. Nowadays everything is changed and men cross the country or waters in some hours. Most people prefer to get a car, because today it helps to be a little more independent from public transport.

Inthe first astronaut stepped on the Moon. Транспорт всегда играл важную роль в жизни людей. They are a bus, a bicycle, a car, a ship, a train, a plane and so on.


And today I want to discuss all of them. The most popular means of transport is a car. Nowadays there are so many car producers and brands that a car becomes the most popular and comfortable type of transport. You can travel by car everywhere.

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The only thing that can stop you is your driving license and the foreign country rules. А dream of many people is to buy a car and for most of them it comes true.

For old people it is cheap and comfortable. Автомобили загрязняют много. Тема: Notices and warnings - Надписи и предостережения. Вы можете устроить долгое путешествие на поезде и за это не надо много платить.

Another popular transport is a bus. Not everyone can drive or many people just want to enjoy the view and concentrate on their thoughts while travelling. And the bus allows all these.

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The cost of travelling by bus is much lower than that of a car. Bicycle is popular among young people. They use it during the warm seasons to travel around the city or the nearby places. Train is popular for its low cost and cozy atmosphere.